The Zero Sum Trilogy

Russell Blake
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Genre: Thrillers and Suspense. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 343, Total 1968.
The Zero Sum Trilogy

A Wall Street Thriller Serial

Amazon Bestseller – #1 in Action/Adventure, #14 in overall free downloads during the launch!

In this chillingly plausible scenario of a military/industrial/financial complex manipulating American companies for profit, Zero Sum pits entrepreneur turned investor Dr. Steven Archer against prominent Wall Street predator Nicholas Griffen in a conflict that raises troubling questions about our markets and our government. When ‘business as usual on the Street’ turns violent and deadly, Steven is forced to flee the U.S. and embark on a crusade to unravel a Gideon’s knot of intrigue.

As the body count climbs, Steven is plunged deep into a financial jungle populated by rogue intelligence agencies, Russian mafia factions, drug cartels, and corporate marauders. Assisting him in navigating the treachery are Antonia Donitelli, a passionate Italian publisher, Stan Caldwell, a heavyweight asset protection attorney, and a group of cyber-contacts with diverse clandestine and technology backgrounds.

Spanning the beaches of California to the boardrooms of Wall Street, from the hills of Umbria to the barrios of Buenos Aires, Zero Sum is a race against time for a man seeking revenge and redemption – whose survival jeopardizes a treasonous conspiracy at the highest levels of politics and finance.
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