In a Wolf's Eyes

A. Katie Rose
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“In a Wolf’s Eyes” is the first of a series of epic fantasy novels set in a world of my own creation. It’s an adventure story told from the alternating points of view of the hero, Raine “The Wolf” and Princess Ly’Tana. Raine, an escaped gladiator, and Ly’Tana, a bride running away from her marriage to the murdering High King join forces. With Rygel, a wizard addicted to a seductive drug and Ly’Tana’s cousin, Kel’Ratan, they and Ly’Tana’s warriors must first free Ly’Tana’s griffin bodyguard from the High King’s clutches. They succeed in their endeavor, yet Raine and Ly’Tana are separated from the others and escape the city.
However, the High King, nicknamed Brutal, has set on their trail a clan of hunter-assassins called the Shekinah Tongu. Raine is brought down, beaten by the Tongu. The hunters are set to rape Ly’Tana when, in a rage, Raine’s breaks his bonds and saves her from her captors. Beaten down once more, Raine sacrificed himself for Ly’Tana. Free, Ly’Tana flees into the forest. Bar, the griffin, finds her and slays the Tongu who pursue her. Once more among Rygel, Kel’Ratan and her warriors, Ly’Tana is set to rescue Raine from the Tongu. In the form of hawks, Rygel and Ly’Tana return to the Tongu. With his magic, Rygel blinds the Tongu and begins healing Raine of his grievous injuries. With Bar’s help, Rygel and Ly’Tana get Raine back to Kel’Ratan and the others.
As Ly’Tana and her people plan to depart for her homeland of Kel’Halla, Raine refuses to accompany them. His sister is still in the city and also a slave: he will not leave without her. In disguise, Raine, Ly’Tana, Rygel and Kel’Ratan brave the risk of capture by Brutal and rescue Raine’s sister, Arianne, from her cruel mistress. As they ride away, they are indeed trapped by Brutal and his new wizard ally, Ja’Teel.
The story continues in book two, “To Catch a Wolf.”
It’s a story of life and death, love and hate, loyalty and cruelty. The hero and heroine are determined to save not just their own lives and those they love, they fight to prevent their adversary, High King Brutal, from taking over their countries. They act out of a fierce love and patriotism to keep their homelands free from the King’s murdering clutches. An audience can relate to this tale through drug-addiction, humor, modern colloquialisms, personal sacrifice, romance, and the very human lust for power and greed. It’s packed with enough action to keep an audience captivated. It has an appeal for all ages and contains much that everyone watching can relate to. Most fantasy stories these days are of the save the world variety. This is not let’s save the world. Raine and Ly’Tana want to save their small part of it.
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