Sylvestre - In Blood There is Truth

S K Renait
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Genres: Fantasy, Contemporary. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 369, Total 2388.

"This is a great book that captures emotions so realistically which was surprising for a "vampire novel", each character was arousingly interesting and the suspense in the plot was nerve wrecking enjoyability. This author is gifted and I enjoyed every page. I especially liked Penny a woman facing difficulties with strength and humor, it's a great book READ IT!" - Yvette (

What is the point of eternal life if you are the only one living it?

Sylvestre is a man, a vampire, struggling to count the candles accumulating on his birthday cake.

The crucifix fascinates him: the convenience of the imagery, packaged so succinctly, so readily available.
Garlic’s sweet aroma evokes pleasant memories of another life - where variety tickled the tongue and satisfied the stomach.
If you ask him nicely he’ll take you for a stroll in the midday sun ... as for wooden stakes driven through the heart - he has one of those already; the word loneliness carved deep in the timber.

He also has a stalker…

Tapped into the wealth and power that seeks pleasure in the deviancy of the swingers set, Gabriel - a man endowed with persuasive attributes and driven by an obsession - seduces members with tales of the devil and the one called Sylvestre.
To them, Gabriel brings excitement and mystery to their games.
To Gabriel, they are nothing more than a resource: a pool of willing subservience he can dip into and exploit for his mission to save a life.

One man's meat is another man's woman. A female journalist, young and ambitious, becomes a bargaining chip in a lethal game of manipulation between the vampire Sylvestre, and his enigma - Gabriel.

A vampire would call it hunting - everybody else ... murder.

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