Nepal Himalayas In the Moment

Jeff Rasley
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Jeff Rasley has trekked or climbed in the Nepal Himalayas almost every year since 1995. He kept a written and photographic journal each trip. The personal essays included in this anthology are based on the journals the author kept.

Photos included illustrate the magnificent beauty of the Himalayan Mountains and the unique culture of the high mountain dwellers. The anthology of photos and articles will whet the appetite of those interested in trekking the Himalayas. (Color photos and more information about trekking the Himalayas and the Basa Village Project may be found at

The stories present a gestalt of the local culture and some of the interesting characters that have climbed and trekked the Himalayas. The experience of a first Himalayan climb is described as is the inspiring experience of trekking with Sir Edmund Hillary's elder sister as is the gratification of helping to finish a little village school in the land of the Rai people.

The amazing strength and admirable gentleness of the Sherpa and Rai people living within the most spectacular vistas on planet Earth create a magnetic attraction for adventurers and spiritual seekers. Rasley's love of the mountains and mountain people shows through his personal essays. But, he is also critical of how the spread of materialistic consumerism has damaged traditional cultures. And, he describes how some mission and development efforts with the best of intentions have harmed rather than helped the traditional culture of local people.

The cruelty and beauty of Nature in the high mountains are revealed in Rasley's writings and photos. So are the virtues and vices of adventurers and seekers Rasley has met in his travels in the Himalayan region. What is most meaningful to the author is the special relationship he has developed with Basa village in a remote area of Nepal. The author encourages others to make friends across cultures in mutually beneficial ways.
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