Two's company, three's a Coven

Jonathan Rowlands
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Genres: Humour, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 317, Total 1691.
There's a storm brewing between the witches of Westhaven and the wife-swappers of Woodfield Grove; but in all fairness to those up the Grove the whole wife-swapping label is just a bit of village tittle-tattle. They might well be constantly in and out of each other's houses, number thirteen in particular, but that is because number thirteen is the gateway to a parallel dimension; a barren land of desert and little else; laid to waste when the overzealous Governments of northern Europe installed a few too many wind turbines and all the sand and hot air was blown up from the Tropics.
What starts as a bizarre double murder investigation for Detective Inspector Nigel Gallant soon turns into a bloody battle for survival as those from the dimension next door start to make an awful lot of trouble; not only for the village of Cosheston but the whole World.
Giant ocean-going worms; cities under the sand; a thoroughly nasty Prime Minister and a nutjob General all collude to make Two's Company, Three's a Coven a side-splitting start to the Cosheston Chronicles.
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