Gull Rock

RR Gordon
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Genres: Thrillers and Suspense, Action and Adventure, Offbeat or Quirky. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 395, Total 1865.
Gull Rock by RR Gordon
Book 1 of the Wish You Were Here series
Thousands of copies sold; #4 in Mystery Series bestseller list on Amazon

What would you do if you needed to disappear after stealing a million pounds? Unfortunately you don't have the money any more which makes it a bit trickier.

Dan Lawrie's solution is to keep on the move, working a few days in each place in exchange for food and lodging. He gives a different name each time and never uses his credit cards. And he never communicates with his family - well just once ...

His itinerant lifestyle leads him to North Cornwall where he finds that he can get casual work in pubs and hotels without too many questions being asked. He works hard in each job, but then moves on after just a few days.

Unfortunately he gets stuck when he reaches a small place called Trebarwith Strand - and the reason is a girl by the name of Sophie. And while Dan stands still, the man who is chasing him is getting closer and closer.

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"I read it at one sitting" - "gripping" - "cliffhanger"; Elizabeth Gowing, author of Travels In Blood & Honey, writing for the Western Morning News;
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