Transplanted Faith

Laura Bichler Hern
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"I'm not sure what's going on with me," he said, "but for the past couple of weeks I haven't felt right." He went on to say he hadn't been sleeping well and attributed his tiredness to that. Even though he had lost over twenty pounds, he still, at times, felt out of breath.

Within two weeks, he had collapsed at home, lips and face blue from lack of oxygen.

"Oh my God, David!" I yelled as I leaned over him. He could hear me, but could not speak. "Stay with me, Dave, stay with me!" I cried as I frantically found the phone and dialed 911. The second someone answered, I screamed into the phone, "Help him! My husband has a lung disease and has passed out. Get an ambulance here now and bring oxygenhe needs oxygen!!" I prayed, "Dear God, please get the paramedics here soon."

Mayo Clinic doctors said they couldn't help him. "Perhaps you should call your family in. He is in the end-stage of Pulmonary Fibrosis and he will not live long enough to get a transplant," I heard the doctor say. I thought, "No! Dear God, no! I love him! He is my rock! Please, dear Lord, don't take him yet."

Desperately we called UCSF, our last hope. "We will find a lung for him," Dr. Hoopes told us. "Get him here as soon as possible."
This is the story of David, a faith-filled Christian man in his mid forties, and his two-year battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis. He suffered through two lung transplants and complete financial loss, yet his faith in Jesus Christ never wavered.
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