Lucifer's Abbey

Michael James Smith
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Genres: Horror, Crime, Historical Fiction. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 369, Total 1974.
In this tribute to the great British horror author Dennis Wheatley, author of The Satanist, The Devil Rides Out and To The Devil A Daughter, later made into major films by the famous Hammer Horror film Company, Michael James Smith sets a kidnapped young woman against an adept satanist, a serial killer who will stop at nothing to take possession of God's most sacred gift to mankind. The fearsome power of 'The Ark Of The Covenant' will be turned to the Devil's purpose.
Inspector Mike Milton and his Interpol associate Inspector Leon Henry are confronted with a brutal murder and the disappearance of several young woman across Europe. Their greatest weakness is their scepticism which they must overcome if they are to save Cherie Leclerc and protect mankind from Satan's vengeance.
A fast paced, edge of the seat occult thriller that spans eight hundred years from the Third Crusade to modern day Britain.
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