Oh Alby

Jodi Walker
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Genres: Children's, Picture Books, General Fiction. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 390, Total 1886.
Albert is a little pug who always gets himself into a pickle no matter what. Not a single day goes by without someone saying to him "Oh Alby". Albert has 3 brothers called Bruce, Robin and Tokie and 3 sisters called Biscuit, Chip and Lucky.

Join them and Mummy Pug as they shout out loud "Oh Alby".

Amazon reviews:
"This book is brilliant. The pictures are beautiful and the story is a great read, perfect for any kids and pug lovers. Can't wait for the next one"
"I got this book for my niece who is pug obsessed. She loved it. It's nice that some of the money is going to an animal charity as well."
"Brilliant book, made us laugh. Hope there will be another one."
"This is a lovely story book for young children especially if they love pugs or are fortunate enough to have a pug of their own. The story follows Alby and his brothers and sisters on different adventures with their Mum. The book has bright, colourful illustrations with some comical touches and will be loved by children and read again and again. A lovely touch by the author also means that the charity Animal Health Trust benefits from a donation from every sale."
"Great book for children, lovely pictures and a fun theme. Also a donation made to an Animal Charity. Whats not to like."
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