Completely Stationary

Mark Ludeski
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Genres: Contemporary, Humour, Offbeat or Quirky. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 363, Total 2358.
It is the hate that gets you through. It puts a comforting arm around your shoulder when the rest of them: your mother; your brother; the doctor; the solicitor; and, best of all, the Child Support Agency tell you to just accept it and move on. She has moved on after all and she has taken everything with her.

All you can do during those sweaty, dehumanising, commute to work is tell yourself over and over again is that this is not fair. All you can do with all this new, spiteful, time is remember how much you miss your little girl.

This is a book about a father that loves his little girl but now finds, because of a bizarre and archaic legal system, that this does not matter. Is this some sort of punishment for being an immature and unfocussed ****head for most of his life, or for wanting to dress like Sonny Crockett during the 1980s?

This is what happens when someone decides they don’t have “inner peace” This is the reality of a life that is completely ****ed, completely empty and completely stationary.
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