Playing Harry

Nick Wastnage
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Genres: Crime, Thrillers and Suspense, Military and Espionage. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 384, Total 2025.
The man who rattled the CIA and MI6

When Harry’s brother is murdered and he’s fired, he suspects it’s all connected to when he was framed – a year earlier – and he wants answers. His quest is complicated by the actions of his ex-lover, who starts to visit his house uninvited. When she’s viciously stabbed and two assassins come after him, he’s brought into contact with MI5 and the CIA, and finds he’s been a pawn in their game.

Harry, an investigative journalist with a top UK national newspaper, discovers a mysterious, encrypted file on his late brother’s computer. He thinks it contains a cure for HIV and is linked to his brother and sister-in-law’s murders. Helped by Amie, his ex-girlfriend, he starts to search for the truth. He becomes immersed in a violent, disturbing international conspiracy, where two of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies resort to murder and corruption to secure their world dominance and the American and British security services are shown to have blood on their hands.

Playing Harry is the story of a man’s epic fight against powerful organisations. His terrifying journey brings him back into contact with his former partner – who never came to terms with their break-up – a successful career woman who grieves over the death of her teenage son, a sad, pathetic alcoholic, who’s continually trying to kick the habit, and a supposedly-reformed drug dealer, who can’t escape his past.

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