The Ruby Brooch

Logan Katherine Lowry
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Genre: Romance. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 401, Total 1783.
From the white-plank fence pastures of Lexington, Kentucky to the nineteenth century Oregon Trail, Katherine Lowry Logan weaves a story rich in detail and mystery as it follows Kitherina MacKlennaís physical and emotional journey as she searches for her identity in a time not her own.

As the lone survivor of a crash that killed her parents, Kit, a paramedic and pioneer-era re-enactor, makes a startling discovery that further alters her life. A faded letter reveals she was abandoned on her fatherís doorstep as a baby. The only clues to her identity are a blood-splattered shawl, a locket that bears a portrait of a nineteenth-century man, and a Celtic brooch with mystical powers.

Soon, Kit is swept back in time to the Oregon Trail in the year 1852 where she attempts to solve a murder of her birth parents and discover her identity. She adopts the persona of the Widow MacKlenna and joins a wagon train where she encounters Cullen Montgomery, an over-bearing, egotistical lawyer with a penchant for seducing widows and intolerance for liars. If she can survive his accusations and threats, she might be able to find the answers she seeks and return home without changing history, but escaping his passionate embrace may be a too much of a challenge for a first responder like Kit.
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