When We Were Married - Volume 1 - The Long Fall

William Marden
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Genres: Contemporary, Crime, Romance. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 413, Total 1646.
Four words ended their marriage. Four words ended his life. And changed hers forever. Four words made both of them face terrible truths about their marriage.
After those four words, nothing would ever be the same. For them. For their children.
Those words would touch the lives of cops and criminals, judges and prosecutors and defenders, the best of men and the worst of them.
The ripples cast by those four words would stretch from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the arid deserts of Mexico, from the government halls of Paris to the moonlit dunes of Matanzas south of St. Augustine.
And, when it was all over, it would finally come down to three lives. And there could be no happy ending.
“When We Were Married" is the story of the death of a marriage of a driven prosecutor and a beautiful professor, and what happens afterward.
It has psychiatrists and assassins and CIA Black Ops teams, the protective head of a deadly Columbian Crime Cartel, a cold blooded and savage murderer who is determined to save the wife and family of the prosecutor who sent him to prison, the Angel of Death, the Shark and the Iceman. It features loyal friends, friendly enemies and really, really bad people.
The first volume of four, "The Long Fall" introduces Bill Maitland, a short, fat, balding Assistant in the Florida State Attorney’s Office in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005. He is married to a tall, gorgeous, blonde big breasted Associate Professor of Economics at the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville. Despite his personal shortcomings, he is the man who actually runs the State Attorney’s Office. He’s lost touch with his wife and his two children as the demands of his job have swallowed up his personal life over the past five years he’s spent as the actual top prosecutor for a three-county North Florida circuit.
He is, despite the demands of the job, an ignorantly happy man until the night his wife utters four fatal words. That Freudian slip unleashes his pit-bull instincts upon his wife and results in a discovery that changes both their lives forever.
In this first volume, an 18-year marriage seemingly doomed from the start, blows up. The impact of its destruction on Maitland, his wife, and a host of lawyers, cops, judges, criminals and other occupants of the intertwined worlds of law and order and the criminal underworld is shown.
In the courtroom, Maitland will face baby killers and stone cold drug lords, mercy killers and deadly grannies, killer cops and drug cartels.
Against these and all odds, Maitland is armed only with a superb legal mind, the powers of the prosecutor’s office, bulldog stubbornness and a compulsion to do the right thing no matter what the cost. And a basic decency that gives him surprising allies from the Florida underworld to a Columbian crime cartel.
While Bill Maitland struggles to rebuild his life, Debbie Bascomb will find beauty is no shield against sorrow and loneliness as she tries to solve the mystery of why she can’t let Bill Maitland go.
Maitland, if he survives several attempts on his life, will finally have to choose between an old love and a new one, and whichever choice he makes, he is going to lose.
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