Ian Miller
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Genres: Thrillers and Suspense, Science Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 356, Total 1956.
By the mid 21st century the world economies had collapsed; the few wealthy live in gated communities where law is based on user pays, while the masses exist on residue-ridden food handouts in the remains of cities, where law is based on the gun. In one part of a decayed city, known as the Green Zone, two parents want a better life for their children. Jacob Adams fixes things for people in the nearest gated community. Lawrence Foster, an expert sniper, enforces order his way. Henry Adams has an ill-fated crush on Suzie Foster, but when his father is murdered, Lawrence executes the gang and uses the bounty to send Susan to college to become a lawyer. He also teaches Henry the art of killing and as he dies from the residues, he leaves Henry an armoury.

In 2051, fusion power, which will solve the energy shortage, is invented. Economies will grow, there are huge opportunities, and the world will change. By fair means or, more generally, foul means, David Sheldon ruthlessly acquires wealth and power by acquiring and trading companies. Susan Foster joins a corporation and, assisted by the machine pistol she always carries, helps it to become a monopoly. Henry, remaining in the Green Zone, has a dream in which everybody has the freedom and opportunity to flourish by themselves, free from big corporations. These three cannot coexist, so when David Sheldon and Suzie Foster turn their attention to the Green Zone, at stake is the future direction of the planet's economy as well as their, and many others', lives.

A futuristic thriller, the second in my "future history" with 142,000 words.

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