Coming of Age in California -English Style

Jill Schaefer
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Genres: Non-Fiction, Memoir/Biographies, Creative Non-Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 374, Total 1805.
"Coming of Age in California -English Style-" is a lighthearted account of the author's true story of herself, a naive English teen, fresh from home and convent school, venturing forth with a girlfriend to the California of the nineteen-fifties.

The duo travel from Southampton, England on the Queen Mary to New York City, cross-country by Greyhound bus via Route 66 to a welcome in Pasadena. The two girls first visit California's small town of Bakersfield, then on to Hollywood with an involvement in a call-girl ring. The journey continues to Long Beach and a job with the Miss Universe Pageant, and finally to San Francisco, city of sophistication and singles bars.. Along the way they encounter climate, communication, customs, and cultural challenges...and a disintegrating friendship.

"While a peep into the past for modern Chi**** readers, Mother Hens will brood over the adventurous chicks as if their own. And old Biddies will find themselves cackling and clucking over the escapades in a bygone era when they, too, were young and coming of age."

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