Wacky Stories for Women Volume 2

John Smith
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Genre: Chick Lit. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 348, Total 1923.
Phil mocks SLEEPLESS STACY, telling her that as a man he is far more suited for promotion- so what can she do to fix him good? Emma Darlington has decided to leave her family in a most appalling way- but what is going to happen to them when they are left WITHOUT MUM? What plan is Sally going to use for KICK-STARTING LOVE back into life when it seriously looks as if it is dying? Clare’s wildest fantasy has come true; her DREAM LOVER, the TV heartthrob of her fevered imaginings, has suddenly appeared from nowhere and wants her with all his heart – – so just what is she going to do about it? Sandra looks on helplessly as Maggie begins STEALING JOHN away from her – – isn't there anything she can do about it to stop herself ending up as a loser? Will PAUL’S MAGIC last forever or is Jilly living in a fool’s paradise? And why would the very beautiful Carla be willing to give Jim A SECOND CHANCE? By TALKING TO A STRANGER Hanna is able to pour her heart out in a way she’s never managed to do with Gavin, so is this other man the answer to her prayers?
Here are eight more carefully crafted stories designed to surprise and entertain you, the reader, and at the end to have you say, ‘well, I’ll be……! I never saw that coming!’ This is the second in a four volume series of stories, each with an amazing twist at the end.
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