The Corner Shop That Time Forgot

Jonathan Rowlands
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Genre: Humour. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 356, Total 1977.
Best friends Rick and Bruno stumble across a pair of time travelling belts in the skip out the back of the Technium building in town; or it might have been in the unattended car parked close to the skip. Very quickly banned from every bookies in the Country for placing bets on today's horse races armed with tomorrow's newspapers they decide to head back to the America of 1969 and the Woodstock festival of music and art where their plan is to sell wet weather equipment to the hippies at exorbitant prices and to make their fortune that way.

But the idea of selling moonshine as well turned out to be a bad one. The hippies wake up on the morning of day four; all of them so hung over and fed up with the rain that was very unusual for the time of year that they decide to pack up and go home early; and as a result of everybody leaving early the life of a future President of the United States is lost in a car crash.

Rick and Bruno head back to Woodstock to try to repair the damage that they have caused; but there are certain elements who would dearly like the future President to stay quite dead; nasty elements with sinister looking bosses and access to killer robots from the future.

Can Rick and Bruno get the future President safely home to Arkansas; or will the sinister looking lot and their killer robots turn the USA into the Unlited Policed States of America?
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