Ya Wanna Laugh?

Lucille Rains
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Genres: Humour, Non-Fiction. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 355, Total 1705.
Ya Wanna Laugh? is a collection of true stories that were preserved in letters and diaries for personal and family entertainment. Then in 1994, during one of the darkest periods of my life, I picked up an anthology of humor by a famous writer. It so lifted my spirits that I did the unthinkable-I wrote him a Thank You note. Feeling somewhat indebted to this writer, and hoping to reciprocate the laughter he brought to my life. I enclosed one of my humorous stories,"The Council Meeting." To my utter surprise, he wrote back and said words that set me to thinking more seriously about my writing.

He said, "You have a talent for satire." The stamp of approval by a Pulitzer Prize winner gave value to my writing and it is what ultimately led to the decision to publish my own book of humorous essays.

BIO:Lucille Rains is a professional piano technician. Though she initially pursued a career in jazz on piano and bass, she had to forego this ambition when she became a single parent and the sole breadwinner of a household. With small children, there needed to be a more structured life than what the nightclubs offered. Since she had always tuned her own piano, it was a logical move to go into that field. Going in and out of so many homes had its own unexpected rewards. It not only kept her family afloat, but it also brought with it many of the experiences that became part of her book.
(For Info: lucille.rains@gmail.com)
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