Harvest Moon

T.M. Marie
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Genre: Romance. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 349, Total 1976.
Myra McClure, orphaned at birth, found herself struggling in life, trying to search out a place to fit in until one snow-covered night her life suddenly took a strange new turn. In rescuing a very special horse, she entered a world unlike anything she had ever known. Wolves, horses, and human-like animals woke Myra to the world of the Wendigo. A world she didnít understand at first but a world she wanted to be part of despite the dangers that came with it. She learned about trust, loyalty and most of all how to love.

Alex Wade, head of his own Wendigo clan, offered Myra the protection of his clan and in doing so lost his heart to this strong-willed, sarcastic unconventional woman. Wendigos didnít take humans as life mates but Alex began to learn Myra was no ordinary human. She had a gift with horses, evident in the rescue of a horse he spent years finding. While his own clan is ready to accept Myra into the fold, he must struggle with his own fears of the past. And most of all the animal within.

ď Hey buddy this isnít a open invitation to get a free feel up.Ē She muttered as she continued to squirm.
ď We run now and we will have ten more here in no time. We have to blend in, not draw attention. ď he said and then what came out of his mouth next shocked her. ď Kiss me.Ē
ď Like hell I will. ď she snapped angrily.
He leaned into her, the smooth skin of his cheek brushing hers as he whispered in her ear. ď I know this is all hard for you to understand. Iím still trying to grasp a handle on it myself but I want to assure you I mean you know harm. Iím just trying to keep you safe. ď
ď Oh and you think to do that by swapping spit? You donít know me. How do you know if I donít have some kind of disease? ď
He moved his head back so he could look into her eyes. She was quick to notice that his eyes, blue as the summer sky, seemed to be holding a hint of humor in them.
ď And do you? ď
ď Not that I know of but you can never be sure with the homeless can you? ď
Now the corners of his well shaped mouth begun to twitch. ď Maybe Iíll just take my chances.Ē

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