Niki Savage
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Crossfire, the first book in the Crossfire Trilogy, is available free at most ebook retailers.

A deadly mercenary wakes up in the home of Marcelle Deschamps, a woman he has never met, but who haunts his dreams. As the weeks go by, and his body heals, he finds himself falling in love with her, but can he overcome the guilt he feels at the life stolen from her? Will the dark side of his psyche, the result of his terrible past, triumph and hurt her? If she finds out his part in the death of her husband, will she chase him away or grant him absolution?

Marcelle Deschamps, the golden girl of world cycling, struggles to cope after the death of her husband, a famous racing driver. Life is a challenge, where even a restful nightís sleep is impossible. She saves Stefan Zieglerís life when she finds him helpless and wounded, and gives him shelter in her home. Soon she finds out that her patient has the uncanny ability to grant her the peace that has eluded her for two years. Claude, a close friend, warns her that Stefan is a soulless killer, and not the man he pretends to be. Should she believe him, or listen to what her heart tells her? Can she risk trusting the man who holds her heart in his hands?

Excerpt from Crossfire:
Stefanís lighter skin and pale hair contrasted with her memories of her husbandís dark features against the white hospital sheets. She remembered from the passport photo that in health he was remarkably handsome. Now a dayís dark stubble shadowed lean cheeks and a strong chin, and silky blond hair spilled onto the pale green pillow cover. His mouth looked as if it could smile often, his parted lips revealing regular white teeth. It was a perfect face, she had to admit, sinister in its beauty, like a mask that served to conceal something hideous. A shiver passed through her. Perhaps when he woke and she could see his eyes, she might feel reassured she had made the right decision.
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