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Top Class Fantasy from Elisabeth Hamill

In a realm where magic was thought to be lost, young bard Telyn Songmaker is able to cast powerful spells with her music. Exiled from home in the violent aftermath of her song magic gone awry, Telyn endures a solitary freedom…unaware of the price on her head.

Bound to the Wood by blood and by oath, Mithrais is dispatched to protect her by the dying sylvan gods he serves. Only Telyn can perform the dangerous counterspell that may save them. But love may be the most unpredictable magic of all…

5* Review from Amazon:
Song Magick is an incredible story, full of obstacles, magic, and led by a strong heroine named Telyn. This story has incredible imagery and a wonderful flow to it that leaves the reader wanting more. It’s the perfect read for any fantasy fanatic who also likes a bit of romance on the side.
I love this story and I’m looking forward to reading another book by this author. A truly fantastic display of writing. (21484)