The Smiths in Nepal

Paul Smith
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I'd visited Nepal before and was enthralled by it. The mountains, of course, give it a natural beauty but it is the Nepali people that made their mark on me. Gentle people, with always a smile, despite the hard life they live 'let down by a terrible system'. That's how I described the plight of the Nepali people in 2004 when I did the 'Annapurna Challenge Trek' with a group of people, mostly that I hadn't met before, in aid of the National Hospital Foundation.

The visit of 2012 was different in that both Julie and I were visiting to celebrate forty years of marriage, quite an achievement we think. This visit was an arranged tour involving a stay at the Chitwan National park where we were hoping to see the wildlife of Nepal and we were not to be disappointed.

We were greeted on our 2012 visit with a garland of flowers, bright orange with calendulas, and our guide said that Nepal stood for Never Ending Peace And Love. Sometimes it felt like it.

This story is a personal one filled with the thoughts of Julie and I; you may or may not agree with them and that's okay for we all have our own take on the world.

The book is in two parts. The first is our 2012 trip which is freshest in my mind as I write this. The second is my lone trip of 2004 recorded for posterity but written eight years later and, at my age, the memory is not what it was.
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