Candy Cane's Cafe

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Genre: Children's. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 66, Total 793.
Saloman Sawdust’s Snappy Stories bring entertaining reading, a good message, and fun stickers in a quick, easy-to-read and snappy format! These stories are written as read-along books for very young children (2 and Up) who will love the colorful and interactive illustrations, but they appeal to all ages! Each story is fun, engaging, and has a sing-song lilt that is sure to please every reader and listener. Written in various forms of poetic prose, these quick reads are sure to please!

Everybody has a flavor that's a favorite! What if you could make EVERYTHING out of your favorite flavor? Would you do it? Candy Cane did! Now every day she dances "The Peppermint Twist,"™ and she couldn't be happier!

Check out one of our author's children's book, Candy Cane's Cafe, a story in the Saloman Sawdust’s Snappy Stories collection. It is available in softcover format on the Krullstone Publishing website.
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