Biblical Reading with Rip the Rat

Krullstone Publishing
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Genre: Religious and Inspirational. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 59, Total 731.
A Supplemental Reading Series for Beginning Readers and A Must-Have Series for Every Child!
Biblical Reading with Rip the Rat is a perfect support series for young children! While it is designed as a partner to the Ready • Set • Learn To Read: Use the Bible As A Handbook To Teach Reading tutorial, it is an equally effective tool on its own! The purpose of these supplemental readers is to give young children who are learning to read an opportunity to practice and reinforce the building blocks of the reading process while establishing a wholesome spiritual foundation. By devoting a few minutes each day and using these Biblical and practice stories, parents and caregivers can make a huge difference in a child’s ability to learn to read and guide his or her spiritual growth! They are fun fun and engaging! Kids love them!

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