Zola Zufferwink’s Zebra

Krullstone Publishing
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Genre: Children's. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 59, Total 810.
Saloman Sawdust’s Snappy Stories bring entertaining reading, a good message, and fun stickers in a quick, easy-to-read and snappy format! These stories are written as read-along books for very young children (2 and Up) who will love the colorful and interactive illustrations, but they appeal to all ages! Each story is fun, engaging, and has a sing-song lilt that is sure to please every reader and listener. Written in various forms of poetic prose, these quick reads are sure to please!

Zola really, really, really wants her very own zebra! In this heart-warming rhyming sticker story, she learns that even though we often get what we ask for, what we get may not quite be what we expected!

Check out one of our author's children's book, Zola Zufferwink’s Zebra, a story in the Saloman Sawdust’s Snappy Stories collection. It is available in softcover format on the Krullstone Publishing website.
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