Mythica: Genesis

Krullstone Publishing
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Genre: Dark Fantasy. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 71, Total 744.
Embark on an astonishing journey in this epic tale of great depth! Imagine a pristine world where mankind's vast civilizations have been erased, a perilous place where nature's deceptive beauty hides creatures born of myth and nightmare, where the supernatural is normal, and where life and death for many are measured by the length of a blade. MYTHICA: GENESIS is an epic tale of heroism and sacrifice, where three brothers must face impossible odds in an increasingly dangerous world in their desperate struggle to preserve the balance of power and save their way of life. Relentlessly hunted by the dark minions of Hell, they endure through treachery and strife and ultimately come to understand the value of life and that faith and perseverance can conquer any challenge.

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