Liz Martinson
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Genres: Romance, Contemporary. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 227, Total 528.

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Returning from abroad, Kate finds her dream job at an upmarket Scottish castle hotel. She silences her inner voice of doubt regarding the owner of the hotel, the Earl of Ullandale. Kate has learned, through bitter experience and a terrifying event in her teens, not to like or trust those who live lives of privilege and entitlement.

Prepared to concentrate solely on her work, Kateís plans are almost immediately thrown into turmoil when she meets Euan, the good-looking factor of the estate, and finds herself deeply attracted to him, almost against her will.
The charismatic Euan, tall and lean, jean-clad with wind-swept and tousled hair, seems to be everywhere, offering help and advice, and working all hours at any job which need doing. He sees Kate and instantly knows without doubt that she is his future, despite his bewilderment at the sudden turn events have taken.

But mystery surrounds his relationship with Liz, the daughter of the late Earl of Ullandale. And mystery surrounds the whereabouts of the new Earl, too. Kate finds herself apprehensive when she learns that Himself is somewhere on the estate and not, as she thought, living it up in London.
As their relationship progresses, several further events cause emotions to rise and tensions to build. As the year draws to an end, the tensions come to a head, which lead to near tragic results, and which require all Kateís skills to bring things to a successful conclusion.

Will Kate finally accept Euanís love, despite the constant presence of Liz in his life, and will she change her opinion about the mysterious Earl, in this entrancing, exciting and romantic novel, which takes us through her first year at Ullandale? Start reading now to find the answers!
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