The Wild Drover's Revenge: A Jack Rutherford Adventure

Ken Braithwaite
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Genres: Action and Adventure, Historical Fiction. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 182, Total 395.

The author has indicated that this book is not suitable for children and young adults.

Jack Rutherford is back on the road… and trouble is waiting for him in the second of the Jack Rutherford 1820’s historical cattle droving adventures.

“An entertaining and charismatic main character who barges his way through the story with bold panache and goodwill galore.”

Jack Rutherford is now a successful man, living a good life with his wife and infant son. But he’s restless… adventure is calling him once again. Not only that, his past is starting to catch up with him as an old enemy comes out of the woodwork and threatens the safety of Jack’s family.

Soon, Jack and his faithful wolfhound Dag are out on the road again, travelling through the north of England, London and across the North Sea to France.

And, as always, danger, excitement and adventure are waiting for them.

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On The Wild Drover, Ken Braithwaite’s debut novel:

“This is a book with a tremendous pace to it and a powerful sense of place. The action moves seamlessly from the big vistas of windswept northern hills to darkened town centre alleyways, all of it laden with a sense of menace. Strong characters and inventive plotlines all help to create an enjoyable read. Looking forward to the second book.”

“This was a charming and very enjoyable story with a very interesting insight into the history of droving in England, and particularly Northern England. I was gripped from the start and really enjoyed the book.”
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