Small or Far Away

Peter Caunt
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Genres: Short Story Collections, Humour. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 242, Total 734.
A series of short stories to make you laugh, cry and shiver.

'Scarecrow' Looking for his friend, Brian enters a dark backwater. 'Scarecrow is a sinister slice of folk horror, delivered most effectively.' - Writing Magazine

'Smoke and Mirrors' A piece of double dealing detective fiction. 'Written as a pitch-perfect tribute to the hard-boiled detective fiction of the 1930s' - Writing Magazine

'Quarantine' A village is threatened by an unknown plague. 'The stark, matter-of-fact tone … makes the point that whilst this may be historical fiction, these are recognisable characters dealing with an unfamiliar disease' - Writing Magazine.

'Exit Facilitator' A licensed killer delivers contracts to those without the courage to end their own lives. 'Leaping straight into an intriguing plot …full of details' - Writers Forum

'Bob's Your Uncle' '…charming tale about a magicians nephew has a faint touch of pathos' Writers Forum

'But is it Art?' has a galley owner returning to find an exhibit he did not expect. 'Winner lets his imagination run riot in story competition' - Harrogate Advertiser

'Selkie' Loving a being so wild and free, she can only live in hope that he will always return. - My Weekly

'Stranger Here On Earth' If you've ever had a feeling that you just don't fit in, you'll relate to this poignant tale of a lonely boy who at long last fulfils his destiny - My Weekly

'Styx and Stones' A newly dead individual tries to bargain with the ferryman.

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