The Road to Waterloo

Jacqueline Everett
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Genre: Historical Fiction. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 90, Total 90.

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The year is 1805.

The fear of invasion still lingers over England.

On the continent, Napoleon Bonaparte’s power spreads, hundreds of thousands of soldiers at his command: it is only a matter of time before he casts his master stroke.

For Thomas Cowper, it is just the beginning...

Abused by his father and in the shadow of his brother, life in Leicestershire is as bleak as it’s going to get.

When his mother accuses him of murdering his brother, it seems he is granted the escape he has long desired.

Leaving behind his home and everything he’s known, Cowper enlists in the 36th Regiment of Light Dragoons and joins the war against Bonaparte.

But enemies lurk on all sides, and Cowper finds himself locked in a mental and physical struggle to survive, waylaid by his superiors as much as the French.

From parade ground drill to the smoke-enshrouded battlefields of Europe, Cowper and his Regiment must carry their sabres across England, the Iberian Peninsula and into France itself, setting themselves upon the bloody road to Waterloo...

The Road to Waterloo is a thrilling historical novel set around one of the most tumultuous periods of British and French history.

Meticulously researched and beautifully written, The Road to Waterloo is that rare thing – a historical novel which is also a real page turner. Carole Bromley
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