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Writing can be a difficult task, and writers are often deemed either brave or foolish in attempting to chronicle their thoughts. Yet how many thoughts and stories would be lost if authors had not taken the trouble to write them down? Members of the Harrogate U3A Group, Writing for Pleasure, combines both qualities in equal measure. The word pleasure is an essential word for our group. Serious topics are tackled alongside humorous ones, and each individual writes with passion and a sense of fun which is often reflected in the discussions at our meetings. Author Orson Scott Card once said, ĎEverybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people donít see any.í The authors within the covers of this book have seen and captured many stories either in the format of prose or poetry. Not only do we endeavour to write for our own pleasure but for the pleasure of our readers. The group attempts to consider life through various writing styles. Whether it is fact or fiction, prose or poetry, these works were created to capture people, places and moments in time. They are diverse in nature which reflects the groupís composition and life in general. We hope you enjoy our contribution to the literary world. It is meant to be a celebration of our work and a reflection of each memberís unique approach to writing within a relaxed, supportive, literary community.
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