The Ink Run

Dale Brendon Hyde
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Genres: Crime, Thrillers and Suspense. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 63, Total 63.

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Otiss is an abused child, physically & mentally tortured for years in the home by his sadistic parents. His Father, Stan, plots an elaborate alibi, enabling him to set up the boy for the murder of his own Mother. A trial of sorts, hanging on the basis of a defence of automatism ( murder when sleepwalking ) sees a detainment to the Faberon institution for the criminally insane. In this cloudy pond, where the staff is every bit as dangerous & disturbed as the patients, young Otiss is placed on a wing funded as a trial by the Government, which uses olden day methods from centuries past to cure madness. Eventually released a Decade later as an even more tortured soul, he sets up the Village Eye pub, as a front to his real nocturnal activities of being a vigilante. Warning beatings on the scum of the village soon become tiresome, as he reaches new limits of retribution. Still traumatized from youth, will he find the courage to finally confront Stan? You canít truly escape your bloodlines DNA, as fatal mistakes see a familiar face from the institution reveal that our main protagonist has not been the only one keeping the VIGIL & upping the ANTE.Dale Brendan Hyde is an authentic voice from the street. A man who has lived life and writes as he means it. The Ink Run is an extraordinary fictional debut and not to be missed. Noel Razor Smith Sunday Times bestselling Author Like Ed Bunkers Debut novel No Beast So Fierce, The Ink Run clamps itís massive hands on each side of your head and forces you to stare into the pulsating wound that lives in the deepest parts of the darkest of hearts. Shawn A Cosby. Author Black Top Wasteland An amazing debut novel from this very talented author. Shades of Brendan Behan & James Joyce in the prose. Valerie Keogh. Number one Amazon best selling novelist.His writing has an air of authenticity that other crime writers can only dream of. Paul Finch. Best selling Sunday Times author with over a million copies sold.
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