Patricia Sutcliffe
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Genre: Crime. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 192, Total 192.

The author has indicated that this book is not suitable for children and young adults.

On a dark wintry night, a lone woman makes her way home unaware she is being lusted after by a group of drunken men. A savage attack and gang rape follow, leaving her for dead in an alleyway. Haunted by nightmares of the assault and unable to move on, Carrie Boyle commits suicide by hanging herself. Convinced that her mother is talking to her from the grave, her only child, an unbalanced Angel, seeks revenge.

The murders that begin to rock the sleepy industrial town of Castleton make no sense to the experienced Detective inspector Bobby Brooks. A friend and associate of Angel's well-know reporter father,Eddie. Who would kill men in cold blood with no apparent motive and carve the number 32 into their flesh? Why does Angel blame her father for Carrie's death? Why does she show little sympathy for the booze riddled remnant of the man she once knew prior to the beating and rape of his wife? The relationship between the two is both toxic and compelling. Until the realisation that his daughter could be a serial killer, dawns on a shocked Eddie. How can he cope with the knowledge? The unfolding dilemma tears him apart. Does he protect his daughter or reveal what he knows to his lifelong friend Bobby? A diagnosis of terminal liver cancer adds to his heartache. Who will care for his daughter when he's dead?

To disclose his fears would mean a life sentence for his daughter or even worse, spending the rest of her days in a mental asylum. His guilt over Carrie and insecurity around Angel lead him to a decision that will affect the lives of all concerned forever. Tormented is a psychological thriller full of twists and turns that will leave the reader wanting more.
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