Legatus Legionis

Ian Miller
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Genres: Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Military and Espionage. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 0, Total 814.
The prophecy given to Gaius Claudius Scaevola by Pallas Athene continued to be unerringly accurate. Caligulae reverses his decision and gives Scaevola a legion, he meets a most beautiful woman, Valeria Vipsania, and ignores her when he makes an important scientific discovery, thus bringing two parts of the prophecy to fruition at once. But then it seemed to abandon him. His love for Vipsania is poisoned by the realization that her father is plotting against, first Caligulae, then following the assassination, against Claudius, to whom he owes everything. Athene had given him four near impossible tasks, and now more are thrown at him. He must restore his love while stopping the plots and help secure Claudius as Princeps. To do this, when Claudius makes him commander of Legio XX Valeria and he is ordered to take part in the invasion of Britain, he must find a way to make Claudius appear to be a successful military commander, recognized by the army as an Imperator, and be given a triumph, all while a number of plotting senators are trying to undermine Claudius.

A historical fiction with a touch of science fiction, and including an illustration of what real science is about.
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