The Dating Game

Delena Epstein
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Genres: Romance, Thrillers and Suspense, Mystery. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 8, Total 1004.

Attractive, educated, and prosperous, many young professionals are tired of one-night stands but too busy to find true love in the big city. Speed dating is the new fad – look potential love in the eyes and bare your soul in five minutes.
Four lonely souls are drawn together at a speed dating event, first by physical attraction, and then by a fanatical serial killer who claims that God commanded The Executioner (as God’s Angel calls him) to guide His hand and deliver sinners’ judgments.
Head Detective Ian Bishop is determined to find out who is orchestrating these bizarre atrocities, and equally determined to protect potential victims. Forensics has found no trace evidence at the crime scenes, no DNA, not even a strand of hair. The perpetrator uses the victims’ blood to scrawl quotations from the Bible on the walls, the only clue to solve these murders.
Living in terror, not knowing who they can trust, Yolanda, Andrew, and Kathy turn to each other for comfort, but find themselves in a love triangle instead. Two of them want out. But no one dares until the murderer is found.

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