Second Chance

Delena Epstein
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Genre: Science Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 5, Total 843.
On a planet named Zantlamont, millions of light-years from Earth there are alien beings who have monitored Earth since its birth in the Universe.
Returning from their last trip to Earth, their Scientists ascertain in the year 2224 that the Earth’s Sun will become a Red Giant.
Alpha, a designated Anthropologist who reads the memories and minds of humans, wants to save the Earthlings. However, he must first convince the members of his planet to agree to his mission. The Life Principles that the Zantlamonts live by state that they may observe, but not interfere in a planet’s evolution.
The Ancients, Beings with godlike powers, appear and offer sanction for Alpha’s mission. They declare him the ‘Chosen One’ and soon, he begins to develop abilities of his own.
Alpha’s first goal is to procure a planet and build a city where the Earthlings can survive.
Scientists have collected the DNA from the first human who walked on two legs. Zantlamont’s Geneticists have created a new host body for the Earthlings and can alter human genomes to remove violence, mental illness, genetic deformities, and their memories.
The Earthlings are unaware of their impending doom and time is running out. They do not realize that they have only one . . . Second Chance.
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