The Yellow Bus Boys

Ron Shaw
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Genres: Young Adult, Commercial Fiction, Humour. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 84, Total 699.
Within ten short days in 1964, a young boy's life changed forever on his first vacation. Ronnie Shaw, a 6th-grader from the inner-city projects of Atlanta, climbed aboard the big, yellow bus with thirty-three other boys for the vacation of a lifetime filled with laughter, tears, and tragedy.
Come with the boys of Atlanta as they hit Florida like a category 4 hurricane. The Yellow Bus Boys traveled over 1500 miles in just ten days that summer. They romped from stem to stern through The Sunshine State. I've been told Florida has not been the same since.
Their journey was epic, their conquests were few, the cities they were tossed from were more. Travel with the boys down the west coast and back up the east coast of Florida in less than 240 hours. The cities and the citizens who suffered their American, graffiti-filled tour were reduced to jubilation, laughter, and tears after the yellow bus left them in its exhaust.
Stand by me and my boys and see Florida through the eyes of young, inner city pirates from Atlanta. You'll never meet another perfect storm of goof*****, meat*****, and clowns like this who had hit the biker bars of Daytona with stiff drinks, hot biker chicks, and rowdy Harley-Davidson riders on their minds.
So, settle back, take the ticket, and take the ride on the big, yellow bus as you encounter the Atlanta boys head on. Live to ride and ride to die with The Yellow Bus Boys of 1964.
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