Twelve Mules and a Pegasus

Harold Padfield
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Genres: Memoir/Biographies, Military and Espionage. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 133, Total 2573.
By Paul Smith: I am lucky to have received a signed copy of Harold Padfield's book just before he died and I am so pleased that he took the time, in the later stages of his life, to write down his memoirs so that generations to come can understand the arbitrary nature of war.

The book is written in Harold's own style and it is a joy, for one can hear him speak and almost hear the lilt of his accent. He tells the story in a matter of fact manner and sometimes one feels like you are with him. He tells of the loss of comrades in arms and that loss could easily have been Harold - in some cases only by a few inches - but he doesn't dwell on it and there is no sign of any self obsession in the telling of his story.

I would recommend that everyone reads Harold's tale - especially those much younger than myself. There are lessons here for everyone but especially our leaders. I fear that we have forgotten the lessons from the two world wars in this very dangerous world in which we now live. Time to catch up with a history lesson.

There are a few typos and some grammatical issues but let's forgive Harold for that. The story makes up for it.
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