Operation Origami - The Ire of Claudia

Mark Biggs
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Genres: Action and Adventure, Mystery. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 46, Total 143.

The author has indicated that this book is not suitable for children and young adults.

John Moss was the victim of the charms of Claudia, a British Secret Service Agent. His mission? To carry a national secret stolen from the Chinese government into the United Kingdom. Claudia planned to leave him high and dry once she retrieved the Quantum Cube. Falling in love was never part of her plan. The explosion in which he died wasnít part of her plan either.

Concern is growing that Claudiaís desire for personal vengeance will ignite a war between both the Chinese and the British intelligence sectors. What her superiors canít see is that the two intelligence agencies are already at war. Killing John was only adding fuel to a steadily growing fire.

Now Claudia is on a hunt for the Crane Ė the assassin that killed John and has avoided identification for years.
With her superiors breathing down her back and tracking her every move, Claudia must be discreet in her mission. She must use what contacts she has, all while watching her back. At a momentís notice, it could all be over for the spy.

Claudia isnít the only one being hunted. Two older spies are being tracked by Davros, who works for The Firm, a new organization to the espionage game. Danger lurks around every corner for both the young and the old, each embarking on a mission that could end with casualties on both sides.

When Claudia is captured in Spain and held captive in the dungeons deep below Montserrat Abbey, two old friends must rescue her. Coming out of retirement in the midst of a pandemic, wasnít the thrill octogenarians, Max and Olivia were looking for.
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