Operation Underpants

Mark Biggs
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Genres: Action and Adventure, Historical Fiction, Offbeat or Quirky. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 45, Total 2323.
Operation Underpants
An Uplifting Story Humour, Action, Adventure and a little Quirky. Chosen for Book of the Month by Wise Grey Owl for December 2016.

Max and Olivia met as teenagers on covert operations during WW2. After the war they married and, under the guise of a doddering old vicar and his wife, continued a life of secrets as cold war spies.

Now 87 years of age and confined to a nursing home in Australia, they are called back into action after finding a hidden message in a funeral notice for Claude Duval. Somehow they must escape from the home and travel to the United Kingdom and retrieve the Janus Machine that was hidden in the dying days of the war. Although pursued by the police and those determined to stop them, the fate of London and much of the world hangs in the balance they must succeed.

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It's really worth a read.
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Very Good Story, Very Well Written, Definitely Recommended, Very Well Edited in 1 reviews.
Paul Smith : I immediately liked the synopsis of this book and the few pages I read on Amazon - Maybe it was absurdity of the idea that caught my eye. I was not disappointed. A fantastically quick paced story that I finished quickly because I couldn't put it down.

It's about a mature couple, in their late 80's, who had had an interesting war in WWII but were not finished yet and had a last assignment to perform. Full of pathos, poignant and humorous in equal measures.

One of those uplifting stories that seem to come from the Australian Continent I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone, of any age.

Go on, buy it, read it and review it.