One Equal Temper

Alex Brantham
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Genres: Humour, Contemporary, Romance. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 40, Total 2138.
How long should you wait for the girl of your dreams to return? Graham Frost, a thirty-something lecturer, is wondering if seven years might be too long.

Itís 2012, and the Olympics are coming to London. Graham volunteers as a Games Maker hoping it will take his mind off his lost love, or maybe help him find someone new.

And it does Ė he meets the feisty Karen, but then everything goes wrong. Can Graham get to grips with all of the idiots in the world, including himself, and make sense of his life?

This romantic comedy, set behind the scenes of the greatest show on earth, will keep you turning the pages right to the end: if you like Nick Hornby and David Nicholls, youíll love this book.
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Good Story, Very Well Written, Recommended, Very Well Edited in 1 reviews.
Paul Smith : A novel based around a 30's young man who was still pining for his old flame several years on who became a Games Maker for the 2012 London Olympics.

It is a "ripping yarn" told well of the trials and tribulations of Graham, the young man in question, trying to find himself again. You'll find out whether he succeeds by reading this book. It has twists and turns of a very unexpected nature and a lovely ending.