The Wings of the Eagle

JJ Toner
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Genres: Action and Adventure, Military and Espionage, Historical Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 46, Total 2450.
A WW2 spy story. 1943. Kurt Muller and a young colleague parachute into southern Germany to rescue a British-Canadian agent. The Allies have won the battle of the Atlantic, and German forces are retreating on all major fronts. The war in Europe is effectively over, but the Nazis will never accept defeat. An Abwehr deserter and member of the German resistance the Black Orchestra with a price on his head, Kurt quickly finds himself in a deadly race to prevent the Nazis from developing the first atomic bomb and changing the outcome of the Second World War.
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Good Story, Well Written, Probably Recommend, Well Edited in 1 reviews.
Paul Smith : This is the sequel to the Black Orchestra, a book I enjoyed immensely. It follows Kurt, a German Officer, who, in the first book, turned away from his Nazi masters and escaped, with his partner, to Ireland, the neutral country.

The book starts with Kurt being unhappy out of the war and wanting to become involved again; he wants to fight against the Nazis and help the allies. The story that follows is a real roller coaster of quite unbelievable escapades with the hero fighting against all odds to achieve his goal. The book is in the "James Bond" camp - unbelievable, far-fetched at times but, if one suspends the need for realism (and there's enough of that in life) it is a really good read and romps along at a fair pace.

I started off being disappointed because it was a quite different book to the prequel but I ended up enjoying the book and look forward to the next one in the series.