Claudia - Operation Chaos

Mark Biggs
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Genres: Action and Adventure, Mystery. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 81, Total 2271.
The adventures of our eccentric old spies, Max & Olivia continue in the exciting sequel to Operation Underpants. Claudia is an uplifting story full of danger, fear, good vs evil, never being too old, never giving up hope, and having ultimate faith in each other.

Feared assassin Claudia doesn't kill Max but takes him with her - putting her at war with herself and a past she hoped to forget. Meanwhile, Olivia must escape the watchful eye of MI6 and track her beloved husband Max across Europe, leaving in her wake a delicious trail of chaos.
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Very Good Story, Well Written, Definitely Recommended, Very Well Edited in 1 reviews.
Paul Smith : I read the prequel to this book "Operation Underpants" (also a good read) and was gutted when I finished it - like leaving a member of the family behind. The book had a cliff-hanger of an ending (I won't spoil it for you by saying more) so I knew that there was another book coming and here it is!

This is a slightly darker book than the first, mostly because of the main character who lends her name to the book but it loses nothing because of this. A fast paced adventure story of the James Bond style. It stretches reality a little but that's what the genre is about.

I simply loved it and I really like Mark Bigg's writing. He has a refreshingly different approach to life, optimistic, positive but well aware of the seamier side.

Read it and you'll love it, I'm sure.