The Ultimate Inferior Beings

Mark Roman
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Genres: Science Fiction, Humour. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 79, Total 2536.
The End of the Universe is nigh ...

Landscape architect jixX is way out of his depth when mistakenly
appointed captain of a dangerous space mission. He's never flown a
spaceship before, but at least heís not alone; none of his crewmembers
have, either. To make matters worse, the shipís computer thinks itís a

So the last thing jixX needs is an encounter with aliens, particularly
a nutty bunch of religious fanatics. They believe in the existence of
The Ultimate Inferior Beings, a species so totally inept at everything
that, according to an ancient prophecy, their incompetence will bring
about the end of the Universe. One alien becomes convinced that humans
are this bungling species and that the only way of saving the Universe
is by destroying them.

So it comes down to jixX to save Humankind.
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Very Good Story, Well Written, Definitely Recommended, Well Edited in 1 reviews.