Richard Brawer
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Genres: Thrillers and Suspense, General Fiction, Commercial Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 28, Total 2208.
Three families intertwined by blood and marriage fall into conflict with each other, and how conspiracy, lust, infidelity, revenge, betrayal and murder destroy those families.

The Families

The American Nagoyas
John Nagoya―Toshio’s cousin.

Yoshi Nagoya―John’s wife.

Gingi Nagoya Morrison―John and Yoshi’s daughter.

Roger Nagoya―John and Yoshi’s son.

The Japanese Nagoyas

Toshio Nagoya―CEO of the keiretsu. John’s cousin.

Michiko Nagoya―Toshio’s wife.

Ogato Nagoya―Toshio’s and Michiko’s son.

The Morrisons

Senator Ted Morrison

Sandy Morrison―Ted’s wealthy, socialite wife.

Danny Morrison―Ted and Sandy’s son; married to Gingi Nagoya.

Douglas Welfield―Sandy Morrison’s brother.

Keiretsu is new! It’s different! It’s chilling fiction that may soon become a reality as China continues to menace its neighbors.

Reviews: “We were a bit skeptical about this novel, but our feelings were quickly substituted by joy! Brawer has talent and writes in easy language. "Mystery Tribune"

When I thanked Eshan of “Mystery Tribune” for his review, I mentioned that I was surprised he reviewed Keiretsu so quickly. He said, “Usually it takes more time to review as we get 150+ books a month and we have to pick and choose. But the 1st chapter in Keiretsu was intriguing and I kept reading.”

“Richard Brawer’s characters stay true to their culture, tradition and values from start to finish...Which one will remain at the end to take the last bow will surprise the reader.”
Fran Lewis for Booktown

“What really makes this novel a great read are the characters. G. Parker, an avid reader

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