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Jane Clack
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The Discombobulator is the ultimate prankster! His naughty spells leave all the creatures that he meets strangely transformed and utterly confused. Is there anyone who is clever enough to stop him and teach him a lesson? This is a funny and beautifully-illustrated story for young children, which also carries a simple but important message: treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated.

Lonesome Lawrie is an unusual creature who lives in an equally bizarre land, where the suns are violet and the moons are orange. Poor Lawrie has a tricky problem which he needs to resolve. To do this, he must set out on a difficult and dangerous quest. But in search of what? Some of the creatures that he encounters along the way are far from friendly, but Lawrie, assisted by his loyal friends, uncovers long-forgotten skills that help him on his mission.

In this second thrilling adventure - A Strange New World, Lawrie embarks on a perilous rescue mission which takes him to a strange new world, culminating in a confrontation with perhaps his most terrifying antagonist of all! But who must he rescue? And why?

Oscar the Osprey is a picture book, which can either be read aloud to a younger child or read independently by an older reader. Irrelevant of age, all children will enjoy the illustrations, rhyme, meter and repetition. Whilst narrating a good story, this book can also be used as a teaching resource, as it includes a facts page and multi-curricular discussion points.

Hilda the Hippo is sad because she feels different to the others. Her friends all tell her that they love her just the way she is. This is a light-hearted, amusing story for young children which also carries a very serious message. "It's okay to be you. True friends love you just the way you are!"
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