Behind the Enemy

Tanya Allan
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Genres: Military and Espionage, Historical Fiction, Romance. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 72, Total 727.
Along with many others, from many nations, Louis Anderson is a young Englishman swept into the war in September 1939. Volunteering for his fatherís old regiment, the Royal Artillery, he finds himself in the British Expeditionary Force in France in 1940, experiencing the Phoney War as a Lance-Bombardier.
Seconded to a concert party, the able gymnast finds the audiences of soldiers arenít interested in watching feats of physical skill, preferring instead to ogle an attractive girl. However, real girls arenít permitted close to the potential front line, so, being slight in stature and able to pass as an attractive female, he is persuaded to alter his act to that of a female vocalist. He is completely convincing, which causes a few problems, not least to Louis himself.
No one took into account the speed of the German Blitzkrieg, or Louisís hidden nature. A chance meeting with an elderly Romany woman leaves him with a strange ring and a very different future, particularly after the Germansí rapid advance cuts off the partyís escape route to Dunkirk. Forced to dump their trucks and uniforms, the party don civilian attire to pose as a travelling troupe of players in an attempt to find a route through to the coast and escape. However, the invading Germans have other ideas, and require the troupe to entertain a Panzer Regiment.
Louis, with no male civilian attire, finds himself in an awkward predicament. At that moment, Louis ceases to be, and Louisa takes over, but for how long?
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