Darien Kade
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Genres: Satire, Dark Fantasy, Humour. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 54, Total 922.
Set in modern day Los Angeles, this coolly mesmerizing novel is a raw, powerful portrait of Robert Madson; a young, alluring billionaire entrenched in a pseudo celebrity-obsessed culture shaped by casual nihilism, conformity, and too much money. Blessed with leading man looks and a vast fortune, Madson is an industry unto himself, living a dream life of limitless privilege resembling an ultra-cool Hollywood movie jam-packed with the hottest sports cars, the best drugs, most exclusive parties, and sex with beautiful model after beautiful model. He walks amongst the rich and famous devoid of any feeling or hope, numb to everything except his own insatiable rage and bloodlust. Hes living the American dream on his own terms, on the edge of lethal frenzy.

In Madson, Kade creates a work without comparison in recent American literature, an unapologetic novel that breaks the reader against the rocks of today's bleached bare politically correct culture. A novel at once comical and terrifyingly shocking, Madson doesnt explain as much as it explodes on the page the nature of affliction and madness, society's moral decay, loathing and desire. A hypnotic, unnerving, and torturous satire that depicts the spoils of fame and the bedrock lunacy of the modern world. This book is a provocative, breathtaking, and disturbing masterwork of a brilliant, unflinching journey into the mind of a serial killer. Madson is the antihero for our deranged times.
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