The Fairytale Experiment

Merlin Corey
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Genres: Fantasy, Contemporary, Fantasy. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 39, Total 853.
Fairies aren't little brainless creatures flying around with psychedelic wings and short skirts and sprinkling sparkling dust all around the place. They are a deep and ancient species, linked to our world and the spirit world alike, in permanent contact with the elements, and with magic.
In these short stories, you'll have different insights into the Fairy world. Entertaining insights, hopefully. That's what stories are for. Because they are just stories. Maybe.
The Insulators : a modern tale where people from big cities can rent a door close to their office, which leads to their home anywhere in the world
The Smoke People : strange smoke shapes in the forest, a worldwide company hosting a seminar
The Embassy / The Other Sidhe : what if the Fairies decided to make an official contact with the government of Her Majesty ?
A Mid-Spring Nights Dream : an UFO crashed on the Tors hill in Glastonbury.. What really happened ?
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