At The Confessional And Other Calamities

Belangela G. Tarazona
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Genres: Humour, Young Adult, Multicultural. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 52, Total 975.
At the Confessional and Other Calamities is tale No.1 of the "Truths of Illusion", a short tales series set in Venezuela between the 1970s and 1990s.

In The Town of the Mist near the capital city, Caridad, a 10-year-old bookworm spends all her free time memorizing books and studying the Bible, while her oldest sister, Dolores, escorts Granny Piedad to church. When Dolores is mysteriously sent out of town, Caridads mother appoints her to take over the honor of being Granny Piedads new church companion. In return, she has to tell the priest every single sin she has committed during the past week. In the beginning, Caridad is thrilled with the new responsibility, but she soon begins to suspect that her elders are not telling her the whole story.

As Granny Piedad is unceasing in her demand for sins, Caridad starts telling little lies so that she has something to confess to the priest every Sunday. In the meantime, she realizes that not everything is what it seems regarding Dolores' unexplained departure, and, while searching for answers, Caridad becomes increasingly embroiled in her own web of lies.

With no time for anything other than fabricating sins, Caridad stops asking questions about Dolores, but, nevertheless, the truth emerges.
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